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binutils, gcc, mintlib, fdlibm and mintbin for m68k-atari-mint

This is a set of patches and scripts to download and build GCC and Binutils packages for Atari and FireBee range of computers running on m68k/ColdFire CPUs.

After successful end (which takes about half an hour on modern PCs and takes about 9 GB of disk space) you will get:

  • three cross compilers (host to m68000/m68020-60/m5475; installed in $INSTALL_DIR/<cpu>, INSTALL_DIR is defined in
  • three native compilers (m68000/m68020-60/m5475; packaged as .tar.bz2 in the 'binary-packages' folder)
  • supporting tools and libraries for the above

Don't forget to install the gcc prerequisities: texinfo, autotools, bison, flex etc. In theory, the build system is mature enough to recover from any error but if you're seeing strange things, feel free to do make clean and start all over again.

When it comes to the cross compilers, there's very little difference -- all of them produce m68k/ColdFire code, the only difference is which one is produced by default (this has meaning only if you want to compile a native compiler else you can safely delete the other two).

Native compilers are a bit different, though. Not only they produce code for the given CPU by default but each of them is also optimized (built) for the given CPU. I.e. the m68020-60 build produces code for m68020-60 by default, it's compiled with -m68020-60 optimizations and uses <prefix>/m68000 and <prefix>/m5475 as the multilib directories (m68020-60 is located in <prefix>).

Remember, when using an optimized (non-68000) build, the 'standard' (from mintlib point of view) multilib hierarchy no longer applies! My builds have started to follow the standard multilib configuration which is:

<prefix>/lib for the CPU gcc is built for

<prefix>/lib/<cpu> for the other targets (CPUs)

I.e. for m68000 nothing has changed but for the optimized builds (esp. ColdFire) you must be careful to put your own libraries into correct directories.

In case of questions or problems, feel free to contact me at or ask in the MiNT mailing list.

Miro Kropacek, 03.08.2014 Kosice/Slovakia


Automated build scripts for Vincent Riviere's m68k-atari-mint cross-tools




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