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just a few notes...

- game is compilable using classic gnu binutils (make, gcc & stuff)

- Makefile is really, really lame ;)

- to compile under cross-environment, use make <target> CROSS=yes

- to get C only version you need to comment out QUAKE_M68K_OBJS from linker
  and to remove -DM68K_MIX and -DM68KASM definitions (begin of makefile)

- the source includes very sophisticated devpac to gnu as converter, you 
  need a perl package from sparemint distribution to run it

- it's possible you'll get some compile errors -- i use some own <mint/*> 
  includes (with constants from Atari Compendium); newer mintlib versions
  already contain these changes

- asm68k directory contains original amiga sources. but beware! they had 
  to be changed since not everything can be handled by perl script! 
  - equ.s <float> has to be replaced directly in source! (3 or 4 times)

  - some byte offsets in jumps don't fit into 128 bytes (?) -- replace 
    with .w

  - all fxxx.s #integer replaced with fxxx.[wl] #integer

  - one or two fmove.l #fucking_big_integer replaced with 3 instructions

  ... so don't try to compile new atari quake everytime amiga version 
  changes its asm sources :)

And that's it! Sources are under GPL ofcourse!