Gamification app for the workplaces that uses YouTrack software. Start collecting minerals to become Spaceship Commander in your organisation and to save mankind!
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YouGame - gamification with YouTrack


  • collect minerals and experience points for completing tasks
  • get custom achievements assigned by tracker admin
  • prepare weekly project reports


Imagine… The planet Earth is overpopulated and the humankind is compelled to search with hope for new habitats beyond the solar system. Your co-workers are the engineers of The Last Hope organisation that ensures the settlement of the selected planets within remote galaxies. As a Spaceship Commander you will help them to save a man kind…


  • Template Engine: Haml and Handlebars
  • Testing Framework: RSpec and Factory Girl
  • Form Builder: SimpleForm
  • Authentication: Devise

How it works

How it works

Download and setup application

git clone
cd YouGame
bundle install
cp config/database.yml.example config/database.yml          # configure access to database
cp config/application.yml.example config/application.yml    # configure access to services
rake db:create db:migrate


Run mailcatcher from terminal and then open http://localhost:1080 in browser to browse sent emails

Synchronizing updates from Youtrack (Pulling data and sending broadcast)

RAILS_ENV=development rake daemon:yougame_updater # runs rake not daemonized
RAILS_ENV=development rake daemon:yougame_updater:start # starts updater daemon
RAILS_ENV=development rake daemon:yougame_updater:stop # stops updater daemon

Third-Party Services

Technology Stack

  • Ruby 2.0.0
  • Rails 3.2.13
  • PostgreSQL >= 9.0
  • EmberJs 0.8
  • Redis 3.0.2

Existing Instances