An example project of Microsoft Orleans on .Net Core with receiving and sending Service Bus messages and persistent grain state with Cosmos Table Api.
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Orleans Account Transfer sample targeting .NET Core

Build and run the sample in Windows

The easiest way to build and run the sample in Windows is to execute the BuildAndRun.ps1 PowerShell script.

Build and run the sample in non-Windows platforms

On other platforms you will have to either first build the NuGet packages in a Windows machine (calling Build.cmd netstandard) and then make them available in the target platform, or use the pre-release packages published in MyGet (see for more information on how to add the feed). Then just execute the bash script.

Alternative steps to build and run the sample

Alternatively, you can use the following steps, to understand what is going on:

Building the sample

If you are trying to use a version of Orleans that is not yet released, first run Build.cmd netstandard from the root directory of the repository.

Note: If you need to reinstall packages (for example, after making changes to the Orleans runtime and rebuilding the packages), just manually delete all Orleans packages from (rootfolder)/Samples/{specific-sample}/packages/ and re-run Build.cmd netstandard. You might sometimes also need to clean up the NuGet cache folder. In order to do that, run dotnet nuget locals all --clear.

You can then compile as usual, build solution.

dotnet restore

Running the sample

From Visual Studio, you can start start the SiloHost and OrleansClient projects simultaneously (you can set up multiple startup projects by right-clicking the solution in the Solution Explorer, and select Set StartUp projects.

Alternatively, you can run from the command line:

To start the silo

dotnet run --project src\SiloHost

To start the client (you will have to use a different command window)

dotnet run --project src\OrleansClient\