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Sashimi JavaScript Library

Distributed Calculation Framework for JavaScript.

Sashimi is being developed as an easy-to-build distributed calculation framework. All you have to do to be a node of distributed calculation is to access a web site via a browser. Projects are sliced into thin pieces and calculated distributedly in your browsers.

Related papers are available ( http://mil-tokyo.github.io/miljs.html ).

How to Try

A project to learn a convolutional neural network distributedly (DistributedLargeConvnetProject) is implemented.

initialize submodules

git submodule init
git submodule update

prepare database

  • install MySQL
  • create a user 'sashimi' with password 'password' and a database 'sashimi' with appropriate authorization
  • import etc/database.sql into the database

run distributor

cd distributor

access distributor with a browser

access http://localhost:64000/framework

start distributed calculation

cd calculation_framework

You may have to use GPGPU since the project above is so time-consuming. If you would like to use GPGPU, check Sushi ( https://github.com/mil-tokyo/sushi ) and install a WebCL implementation.