A Blacksburg Transit CLI, A Drop/Add Script to register you for a class when someone drops it, A timetable scraper, and more..
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Virginia Tech Hacks

This is a collection of small scripts I've made while at Virginia Tech. Enjoy these scripts and feel free to modify them and redistribute.

Course Add (course-add.rb)

A script which stalks the Virginia Tech classes time table and when a class becomes available it automatically registers you for that class. Can be used to check multiple crns at once. Use at your own discretion.

Blacksburg Transit (blacksburg-transit.rb)

Gets the next bus stop for the Blacksburg transit given a list of pre-determined stops.

Essentially this just scrapes the bt4u.org service. This is a nice script to throw in a pipe menu or a status bar. (or just use standalone!)


ruby blackburg-transit.rb home

Stops used can be changed by editing the script directly by modifying the stops variable. For my own personal use I've specified the stops I've listed under campus to be used when VT_WLAN or VT_Wireless is present otherwise the home stops are used.

Generate Classes JSON (generate-classes-json.rb)

Scrapes the entire timetable of classes and feeds them into a JSON file. If you're looking to work directly with the timetable data this is your best bet. Produces about a ~2MB file.