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Blocks examples

This repository contains a series of scripts, examples, models, etc. that can serve as a guide or inspiration when getting started with Blocks. To get started simply clone this repository and hack away at the scripts provided.

$ git clone git@github.com:mila-udem/blocks-examples.git

Running the examples

To pick the simplest example first, one this repository has been downloaded, cd into it, and

python -m sqrt --num-batches 1000 sqrt/saved_state

Technical Note

Executing this command line will run the code in the sqrt module : specifically the command-line argument parser in the sqrt/__main__.py file. Having the main entry point here is mostly a quirk of the Python module system - we wanted to keep the launching command as simple as possible.

Understanding the examples

The entry point of each example is main() function in EXAMPLE-NAME/__init__.py.

We're currently working on getting better documentation coverage of the examples, and GitHub will helpfully display the contents of each folder's README file.

There's also certainly useful information in the blocks and fuel documentation :

Examples of projects using Blocks

We host only standard and relatively compact examples here. For more advanced and real-world examples see the following project, all of which heavily use Blocks: