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Open source accessible game controller interface for PS4
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Open-GCI Logo

An open-source accessible gaming interface that enables those with limited or no hand movement to play their favourite console based game using more accessible input methods. Adaptive switches and USB keyboards are currently the two input methods that can be used to play console based games.


These are all the files and documentation associated with the Open-GCI project.

Resource Version Format Link
Open-GCI All 1.0 ZIP
Open-GCI Manual PDF
Open-GCI BOM (XLSX) October 6, 2018 XLSX Open-GCI_BOM.xlsx
Open-GCI Keyboard code 1.0 Py
Open-GCI Board Layout 1.0 BRD Open-GCI.brd
Open-GCI Board Schematic 1.0 SCH Open-GCI.sch


The following diagram represents the hardware of the Open-GCI interface.

Open-GCI Diagram


Hardware Setup Instructions

Coming soon..

Software Setup Instructions

  1. Install Raspbian on an SD card according to the official documents

  1. Download Dependencies

2.1. Startup the raspberrypi zero W

2.2. Open the command line

2.3. Install the necessary packages

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install build-essential python-dev python-pip git scons swig
sudo pip install RPi.GPIO
  1. Compile & Install rpi_ws281x Library

3.1. Download the library source and compile it using following command :

git clone
cd rpi_ws281x

3.2. Install the Python library by executing following command :

cd python
sudo python install
  1. Download

4.1. Open the command line

4.2. Enter the pi directory

4.3. Create a new python file using nano and name it using following command: sudo nano

4.4. Copy and paste the keyboard code from Software/

4.5. Save the file and exit nano

  1. Run code on bootup

5.1. Open /etc/rc.local using nano by running following command: sudo nano /etc/rc.local

5.2. Add the following line on its own line right before exit 0: sudo python /home/pi/ &

5.3. Save and exit /etc/rc.local

5.4. Reboot the raspberrypi zero W by running following command: sudo shutdown -r now

  1. Varify software is running

6.1. The Led will change color from Blue to Green when the software is ready to use

PS4 to keyboard button mapping

Open-GCI PS4 to keyboard button mapping


Open-GCI Interface

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