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Galcon 2 Mods!

I am a member of the Galcon 2 private beta, and I'm playing with the modding platform a little. I'll put my creations here.

Training Mod

This mod currently includes 3 mini-games designed to train specific skills I find important to effective multi-player Galcon.


Tunneling is the act of going from point A to point B through other intermediate planets. Doing this quickly can increase the rate at which you can travel to important locations on a map by an order of magnitude. This mode tests your ability to tunnel quickly and effectively by placing planets in a direct line, and requiring you to take all of them. Taking an average of 1 planet per second will get you the rank of Grand Admiral.


Sometimes you can't win. But staying alive as long as possible can get you pretty far, until (in teams) your team can come to save you, or until (in classic) someone attacks your aggressor. Can you survive 60 seconds against a foe with overwhelming numbers (and very bad strategy :P)?


Defend your cluster from multiple angry bots with superior numbers. They'll never send more than you have, but it's up to you to put your ships where they're needed. Inspired by a common scenario in teams where the enemies have more than you can take, but you're in a strong enough position to warrant defending, this will challenge your ability to manipulate ships in a cluster to keep it long enough for reinforcements to arrive.

Other Notes

Galcon is a registered trademark of "Philip Hassey":