Google Docs add-on for a productivity to-do list
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Google Docs add-on for a productivity to-do list

Organize your tasks and get stuff done! Made with Google Apps Script / JavaScript.

Current Version: 4.0

Link to install the add-on


  • Simple organization using horizontal line components
  • HTML sidebar that displays note information
  • HTML sidebar with buttons to enhance functionality
  • Automatically refreshes notes list when changes are detected, after 10 seconds
  • User-friendly design


  • Always have a horizontal line below each note
  • Try not to change the formatting manually, always use the 'new note' and 'delete' buttons from the sidebar
  • The sidebar will automatically refresh after 10 seconds once you make a change in your notes
  • If you want to type unrelated stuff you can do so at the very bottom of the document
  • If all else fails, re-initialize the document (deletes everything and starts formatting from scratch)

Instructions to enable the add-on

  • Click on the add-ons menu, and then select "Manage add-ons..." alt tag

  • Click on the green "MANAGE" button, and select "Use in this document" alt tag


For some reason the gifs below show up on github as low quality, if you want to view the full quality of the gifs then right click them and select 'View Image'.

Initialize the add-on for the first time alt tag

Insert a new note alt tag

Delete a note alt tag