Automates tasks for a mobile game, using color detection
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Yugioh Duel Links Bot
Yugioh Duel Links Bot.sln


This program no longer works due to the game updating and the developer moving on to different projects. This repo is left up for anyone who wants to learn about the bot.

v1.0 Initial Release:

Download Bot


  1. Download Nox:
  2. Set your resolution in the Nox settings to 720x1280
  3. Download the game in Nox through the Google Play Store
  4. Start the game and go to the Gate location
  5. Start the bot, set the number of clicks per panel (default = 5), and click the "Start" button

alt tag


When you click "Start", the "Quit" button will turn red. This means user input is disabled and you won't be able to move the cursor or use your keyboard. However, when the Auto-Duel button is pressed in game, the "Quit" button will turn green, meaning you are free to use the cursor.

Keep the Nox window on your main monitor, if you have multiple monitors this will be Monitor 1.

Do not cover the Nox window with any other windows, or it will get in the way of the bot. Keep it on top.

If you want to stop the bot manually while input is disabled, press Ctrl+Alt+Del to regain access to your mouse and keyboard. You can then proceed to quit the program.