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OpenStreetMap tiles generator using Mapnik (re-implementation of to C++)
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A re-implementation of from mapnik-stylesheets repository to C++.

It is an almost identical rewrite:

  • the code structure and variable naming are almost the same (it is one .cpp file to match the structure of the .py script)
  • the algorithms and calculations are the same
  • the features and configuration possibilities are almost the same

What is different

  • added configuration possibility using command-line arguments (to avoid re-compiling of the C++ code for configuration changes)
  • added possibility to configure Mapnik datasources and fonts directories
  • at the beginning, prints all fonts visible by Mapnik (so that it is easier to solve problems with missing fonts)
  • does not need Mapnik Python bindings (obviously)


  • make sure Mapnik is installed
  • currently, this is only a VS Code project (no CMake or other build system)
  • see .vscode/tasks.json for the dependencies and for how to build
  • modify the build command-line if needed, e.g. to link against different Boost version


  • make sure you have map XML stylesheet file available (e.g. from mapnik-stylesheets repository) with a correctly configured and filled data source

See supported arguments:

./generate_tiles -h

Minimal usage (whole world, zooms 0 to 5):

 ./generate_tiles --xml ../mapnik-stylesheets/osm.xml --output ../generate_tiles_cpp_output/world

Choose area, zooms and threads count:

./generate_tiles --xml ../mapnik-stylesheets/osm.xml --output ../generate_tiles_cpp_output/sk --lat_min 47.9796 --lat_max 48.2821 --lon_min 16.9440 --lon_max 17.3831 --zoom_min 0 --zoom_max 18 --threads 4

The options are:

  -h [ --help ]                         print usage message
  --xml arg                             map XML file
  --output arg                          output directory for tiles
  --lat_min arg (=-90)                  process area from latitude
  --lat_max arg (=90)                   process area to latitude
  --lon_min arg (=-180)                 process area from longitude
  --lon_max arg (=180)                  process area to longitude
  --zoom_min arg (=0)                   min. zoom to render tiles for
  --zoom_max arg (=5)                   max. zoom to render tiles for
  --threads arg (=1)                    count of threads to use for rendering
  --tms arg (=0)                        use tms scheme (flip y)
  --datasources arg (="/usr/lib/mapnik/input")
                                        mapnik data sources directory
  --fonts arg (="/usr/share/fonts")     fonts directory

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