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ODT to MD converter
C++ C Shell
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ODT (OpenDocument Text) to MD (Markdown) converter.

License: Public domain. Use at your own risk. There is absolutely no warranty of any kind.


  • paragraphs, line breaks inside a paragraph
  • headings (with automatic numbering)
  • bullet lists and numbered lists (multi-level)
  • bold
  • links


  • to help OdtToMd understand the input file, prefer using styles for formatting – e.g. in LibreOffice:
    • Paramgraph Styles to create paragraphs and headings (configure automatic heading numbering using Tools -> Outline Numbering...)
    • List Styles to create lists (control levels using Demote One level and Promote One Level buttons on the Bullets and Numbering toolbar)
    • Character Styles to control in-line formatting (e.g. create some style for the bold text)


  • implementation language: C, C++11
  • platform: independent
  • latest source code:
  • source code distribution: as CMake project
  • build dependencies:
    • boost
    • expat
    • libzip
  • used libraries included in the project (not build dependencies):
  • build steps:
  • possible CMake arguments:
    • debug build: -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug
    • force using gcc compiler: -DCMAKE_CXX_COMPILER=g++
    • force using clang compiler: -DCMAKE_CXX_COMPILER=clang++

Supported Environment

  • OS: Linux tested only (but should be multiplatform)
  • needs these libraries (is dynamically linked with):
    • expat
    • libzip



odttomd odt_file > md_file

Output types

Use --profile option to specify output type:

  • standard – standard Markdown format
  • github – GitHub Flavored Markdown
  • plain_text – without Markdown marks and not usable as Markdown (e.g. tries to preserve numbering formats from ODT, but some of these formats cannot be understood by Markdown parsers)
  • readable – more human-readable when opening as text
  • parseable – uses more straightforward rules which allows simpler parsing

Error reporting

Non-zero exit status means a fatal error (invalid format, read / write error).

Unsupported data of the input odt_file is reported as a warning to standard error output (and some defaults are used instead) – this does not change the exit status.


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