Terminal overview of Jenkins build jobs
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Command Line Interface for Continuous Integration

Build Status

Command line for Jenkins pipeline overview, so you don't have to use heavy weight "pipeline overview / wall plugins"

NOTE: This application was previously called jenkins_ping and was renamed to clici on 28th March 2016 (because clici sounds better).

Current state

How to run

Program takes almost no command line parameters at all and uses a configuration TOML file.

In case you are starting application for the first time, execute clici -make-default-config which will generate a TOML file (it uses mock source instead of Jenkins server so you can experiment a bit).

How to develop

This is a golang 1.6 project

go get github.com/milanaleksic/clici should be enough to get the code and build.

In case you want to mimic my workflow you should use the Makefile:

# get all 3rd party tools
make prepare
# build & test
make test