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Various Makefiles to stabilize different Go projects of mine across private/public spectrum
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Makefiles to be used with Go apps

Various partial Makefiles to stabilize different Go projects of mine to use same

Example Makefile

After creating a submodule under a gomakefiles directory in the Go project you can create a Makefile that utilizes these partial markdown scripts, and an example of the "public project" setup you can see in

Tips & Tricks

Various tips and tricks of usage of tasks defined here

metalinter blocking pushes

Modify .git/hooks/pre-push

make metalinter_strict

metalinter additional properties

Use EXTRA_ARGS_METALINTER property to add extra metalinter properties, for example in constrained environments (say, your build machine is a Raspberry Pi for example), you probably need to put in your app's Makefile:

EXTRA_ARGS_METALINTER := --concurrency=1

otherwise it will probably be too much for the server.

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