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Host Checker

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What it's all about

This tiny CLI app is meant to verify state of services in multiple nodes. Properly used, it should be able to block execution of long-running Acceptance Tests on a cluster which wasn't properly set up (maybe Chef didn't restart services? Maybe there is not enough space on disk? ...)

To run it, you have to have a file called expectations.json beside the app.

expectations.json DSL

    "server": "<server_location>:22",
    "user": "<ssh username>",
    "password": "<ssh password>",
    "upstart": [
        "name": "<service_name>",
        "user": "<expected_service_app_executor>",
        "newerThanSeconds": 3600, // how old is service allowed to be 
        "ports": [
          1312 // which port should be occupied by the service?
      // ... other upstart services
    "custom": [
        "name": "Service name which is ignored in this case",
        "regex": "[s]ome process name", // how to identify process in PS listing
        "user": "<expected_service_app_executor>",
        "newerThanSeconds": 3600, // how old is service allowed to be 
        "ports": [
          9090// which port should be occupied by the service?
    // which URLs should be checked
    "responses": [
        "name": "Mongo response",
        "url": "http://mongo_site:27017/",
        // what codes are acceptable
        "codes": [
        // optionally, check what is the response from the server
        "response": "It looks like you are trying to access MongoDB over HTTP on the native driver port.\n"
    // freestyle shell commands: they have to return 0 to succeed
    "shell": [
        "name": "Is Mongo operational?",
        // which command do we want to execute remotely?
        "cli": "mongo localhost/temp --eval \"print('searchOnNonExistingId='+db.mycollection.find({'_id':-1}).length())\" | grep searchOnNonExistingId",
        // optionally, make sure string stdout output of the command is identical to sth we expect
        "expected": "searchOnNonExistingId=0"
 // ... other servers to be checked

How to run from Docker:

To run from within a docker container, you need to map local file into expectations.json inside the container, here is the magic:

docker run --rm \
    -v ${PWD}/expectations.json:/go/src/app/expectations.json