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Bot that responds to Flowdock private messages and public mentions
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This is a Flowdock bot. It uses AWS DynamoDB and AWS Lambda to check if there are new mentions and it responds to them if the date is between some values stored in DynamoDB configuration.

Control panel screenshot

How to

... deploy

Unfortunately we have to work with Cognito which is not supported by CloudFormation, so we have to split the work

  1. Make sure you have:
    • Docker installed;
    • an AWS account;
    • client ID of a Google+ API approved Google Dev Console application;
    • a Flowdock account (optional, unless you really want to use it and not just experiment with it).
  2. rename personal.env.template to personal.env and introduce adequate values, as explained in it
  3. run make prepare to download extra tooling from internet to igor's dir
  4. run cmd/main/cf/ to update the personal.env
    • open your email and approve requested certificate
  5. deploy to AWS with make form (take note: this will take awhile)
  6. run cmd/main/cf/ to do finishing steps in configuration and deploy the site

From this point on you can modify HTML and do make deploy-site to replace the cloud.

Other things you want to do are like:

  • update function only with make lambda-update
  • invoke directly via make lambda-invoke

... configure

Open the index.html which should be in the S3 and login using your Google credentials. Configure the application. Profit

How does it work

I've drawn a small UML diagram explaining how it all works in case you want to use or extend it:

UML flow

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