Allows creation of a script to reproduce changes done on a MongoDB over a period of time
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Record & replay changes to a MongoDB

Build Status

This utility makes Windows and Linux scripts to reproduce manual actions done on a Mongo DB (or actions that are result of some script / acceptance test).

It makes internally a simple diff (only new items are being detected, updates are ignored currently).

As a result, one should get BASH, BAT, JS and JSON files that altogether work to reproduce actions when it's needed.

To see what options are available, please run application with --help parameter

How do generated scripts know on which server they need to execute insertions?

They don't, you should either:

  1. give the server as script parameter; or
  2. set the env variable MONGO_SERVER to some IP/host name before you run the shell/batch file.

For example:

clean.bat localhost


Weekly Scrum Demos. This tool makes it a breeze for most cases which might otherwise take too much preparation.

(For developers) Building, tagging and artifact deployment

This is #golang project. I used Go 1.6.

go get should be enough to get the code and build.

To build project you can execute (this will get from internet all 3rd party utilites needed for deployment: upx, go-upx, github-release):

make prepare

You can start building project using make, even deploy to Github (if you have privileges to do that of course).