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Background syncing of Markdown notes from Dropbox to Dokuwiki
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notes for life

Build Status

Please read and try to understand all of the design decisions listed below before you decide to use the application.

This application allows syncing of notes stored in Dropbox into Dokuwiki.

The reason why this application is made is because, according to me, no easy or friendly way exists that would allow day-to-day notes to be placed into Dokuwiki, but there are massive number of very beautiful and easy-to-use Markdown mobile apps. I myself use:

  • while on a laptop
  • iA Writer on my old Android tablet and
  • Byword on my iPhone.

This application connects to Dropbox via their (unofficial Go) API client and constantly polls for changes. The changes are then pushed into Dokuwiki via XML-RPC. "Notes for life" will create a single page "dropboxsync" that will list all the files stored on Dropbox.


Dropbox API token

On the page you will need to create a "Full Dropbox" app (not the Business one) and press "Generated access token" to get one.


You need to install some Markdown syntax plugin otherwise pushing Markdown contents into Dokuwiki will produce pages with garbled look.

By default, Dokuwiki does not allow RPC connections/integrations. You need to do at least these actions:

  • have "fresh enough" Dokuwiki installation
  • allow XML-RPC
  • put user you wish to use to push contents into remoteuser option

Please read in more details on


The app is meant to be executed regularly or as a service on a real computer/server.

It is configured via a notesforlife.toml file which should contain:

  • For Dropbox:
    • API token generated via their website, as explained above
    • path which should be watched for changes and pushed into Dokuwiki
  • For Dokuwiki:

Current state

Some MVP design choices:

  • NFL will sync everything under a certain path in Dropbox (no extension filters), so be careful!
  • re-runs should be idempotent (no multiple writes of identical contents to Dokuwiki should happen)
    • but, you can still reorder links in the contents page
  • sync is only from the Dropbox into Dokuwiki (Dropbox is thus the master data store), no binary sync is available
  • I use my own BADUC system to do a continuous deployment into my cluster at home, to turn off that integration just set consulLocation to an empty string otherwise you can't start the application
  • empty files will put the link into the Dokuwiki contents listing page, but no page will be made since Dokuwiki does not allow empty pages.
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