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.NET Core Command-Line Interface (CLI) Kata

This kata trains usage of the .NET Core CLI to create projects.

Version: 1.0 (2018-12-27)
Target duration: 5 minutes
Required tools: .NET Core 2.2 SDK


  1. Create a folder called dotnet-cli-kata and navigate to it.
  2. Create a ASP.NET Core Web App (MVC, C#) project called MyProject.WebApp.
  3. Create a Class library project (C#) called MyProject.Core.
  4. Create a unit test project (C#, MSTest) called MyProject.Core.Tests.
  5. Create a solution file all.sln and add all 3 project to it.
  6. List all projects in the all.sln and verify that all project have been added.
  7. Add project reference in MyProject.Core.Tests to MyProject.Core
  8. Add project reference in MyProject.WebApp to MyProject.Core
  9. Add package Moq to MyProject.Core.Tests
  10. Add package Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore version 2.2.0 to MyProject.WebApp
  11. Build all.sln
  12. Run tests for MyProject.Core.Tests.
  13. Publish MyProject.WebApp in folder "out" in Release configuration