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A JS library for adding a “human touch” to data.
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Merge pull request #16 from getlua/master

Fixes #6 filesizeformat uses the wrong symbols
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Milan Vrekic authored


JS library useful for adding a “human touch” to data.


intcomma (4500000 = 4,500,000)

intword (1000000 = 1.0 million)

naturalDay (15 April 2012 16:25:30 = Today)

ordinal (3 = 3rd)

filesizeformat (1234567890 = 1.15 GB)

linebreaks (Play\ning with blank lines = <p>Play<br />ing with blank lines</p>)

linebreaksbr (Play\ning with blank lines = Play<br />ing with blank lines)

pluralize (1, "y", "ies" = y)

truncatechars ("hello world", 10 = "hello w...")

truncatewords ("Playing with truncate words", 3 = Playing with truncate ...)
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