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Ruby QRCode generator
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Creates QR codes images

This library is fork of Sam Vincent rqrcode-rails3 Dependes on mini_magic and rqrcode

This gem supports generating QR images in SVG, BMP, TIF, JPG, GIF and PNG format.


Add the following to your +Gemfile+.

gem 'qrcoder'


gem install qrcoder

How to use

Image method

If you use image method you must define output format.

Allowed formats are

  • png
  • bmp
  • svg
  • jpg
  • gif
  • tif

    QRCode.image(text, output, options)


QRCode.image("some text", "/home/user/", :format => [:png, :svg], :filename => "simple_test" 
QRCode.image("some text", "/home/user/", :format => :png, :filename => "simple_test" , :unit => 12

SVG output

Return svg output

QRCode.svg(text, output, options)


QRCode.svg("some text", "/home/user", :filename => "simple_test", :unit => 12) 

Other methods

You can use other methods

QRCode.bmp(text, output, options)
QRCode.png(text, output, options)
QRCode.jpg(text, output, options)
QRCode.tif(text, output, options)
QRCode.gif(text, output, options)


  • :size – This controls how big the QR Code will be. The smallest size will be chosen by default. Set to maintain consistent size.
  • :level – The error correction level, can be:
    • Level :l 7% of code can be restored
    • Level :m 15% of code can be restored
    • Level :q 25% of code can be restored
    • Level :h 30% of code can be restored (default :h)
  • :offset – Padding around the QR Code (e.g. 10)
  • :unit – How many pixels per module (e.g. 11)
  • :fill – Background color (e.g "ffffff" or :white)
  • :color – Foreground color for the code (e.g. "000000" or :black)


This library is fork of Sam Vincent rqrcode-rails3

QR codes are encoded by rqrcode

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