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Mild Blue COVID-19 vaccination app

This web application was developed in cooperation with Prague 7 municipality and Prague 7 clinic to provide secure, user-friendly, fast, independent and reliable tool for the administration of COVID-19 vaccinations. The tool works completely independent of the central reservation system, but it is connected to the ISIN database (Integrated System of Infections Diseases).

Patients are first asked to fill in personal information required by the state administrative for vaccinations. This information is verified using the ISIN platform. Next, patient is asked to fill in health questionnaire that helps doctors make the vaccination process smoother. Finally, data is securely stored in a database, ready for the vaccinations.

The vaccination will take place in Elementary school Strossmayerovo náměstí. The first dose will be applied on June 18th, the second on July 16th. Secure, password protected administration part of the application is available for the doctors and nurses during the vaccination days. This part takes care of the entire vaccination administrative and allows the process to be completely paperless.

The entire tool is provided as open-source and can be freely used by other institutions who wish to try vaccinations in this novel format. Nevertheless, Mild Blue is ready to help.

Technical aspects of the project are described in more detail in the designated Readmes: