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dBus and systemd boxing
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Boxed environment

This repository provides a boxed environment with:

  • a unique dBus session for the boxed environment
  • a systemd instance for the boxed envrionment


Just run the script in front of the command you want to run and the command is executed in the boxed environment. The environment is rooted at the location where the script is. The following environment variables are modified:

  • XDG_CONFIG_HOME: to the config directory
  • XDG_DATA_HOME: to the data directory
  • SYSTEMD_UNIT_PATH: to the units directory


Each directory in the |pluginsdirectory corresponds to a plugin. Each plugin can have aunitsdirectory. This directory is appended to the end of SYSTEMD_UNIT_PATH`.

Because of propagation of environment variables, you must restart systemd if you add/remove a plugin.

Starting up with SystemD

Just try this out:

./ systemd &
./ systemctl --user exit
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