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Homedir package manager
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What is it?

This is my homedir package manager. Written first in shell then translated in tcl. Originally, this was just to maintain a set of symbolic links from my home directory to a directory where all important comfig files were stored. Then I decided to make it a package manager.

How to install it?

git clone git:// fixdir
"$fixdir_dir/fixdir" install "$fixdir_dir/hpkg.tcl"

fixdir is installed in ~/.local/bin. Make sure it is in your $PATH.

How does it work

fixdir works better when you are in your target directory (homedir)

Invoke one action with a database file. The database file is a tcl script that contain all files and directories that should be linked.

What else can it do?

fixdir unknown list all files not manages by fixdir in the current directory

fixdir clean remove files declared as noisy

Install packages: fixdir install <package directory> (use -n switch to show what it will do)

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