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webpack-boilerplate is a project that provides webpack v4 boilerplates out-of-box to quickstart development. I decided to create it after writing a couple of medium blog posts

I don`t believe in universal configurations and boilerplates when it comes to configuration files, I believe every project should be treated and configured individually. Yet, there is a set of good practices that can help you with minimal project setup.

This project is a collection of webpack setups I find useful that you can copy directly and start using on your project. They are not limited to webpack only, but also have ESLint and Stylelint configured for more convenience.

Every setup is based on webpack v4.

Some are 100% framework agnostic.


The bare minimum webpack setup to start writing websites.


Basic setup + support for sass.


Development process oriented setup. Includes basic setup and some development features and settings.

webpack prod

Production-ready setup

  • in progress