Commits on Dec 9, 2011
  1. [osx] fixed, hide the initial SDL window if we are starting up fullsc…

    davilla committed Dec 9, 2011
    …reen so we do not see it flash
  2. vaapi: do not assert on value read from input bitstream

    DonDiego authored and elupus committed Jul 14, 2011
    User-provided data should never trigger an assert; return error instead.
    Also fix an instance of get_bits where get_bits_long should have been used.
    This eliminates the following warning:
    libavcodec/vaapi_mpeg2.c:112:14: warning: variable 'start_code' set but not used
    Signed-off-by: elupus <>
  3. Fix VA-API decoding artefacts.

    huceke authored and elupus committed Sep 11, 2011
    Fixes ffmpeg ticket #457.
    Signed-off-by: elupus <>
  4. [osx] fixed, add a delay before audio renderer encoding init passthou…

    davilla committed Dec 9, 2011
    …gh and using adjust refresh rate
  5. [osx] - fixed selection of initial display mode - don't use CGDisplay…

    Memphiz committed Dec 9, 2011
    …BestModeForParameters - it might prever a interlaced mode before a progressive one - figure out the right mode on our own
  6. [fix] - fixed id3 getcomment - check pointer, fetch encoding, break t…

    Memphiz committed Dec 9, 2011
    …he loop when we are done
  7. Merge pull request #561 from CutSickAss/patch-4

    mkortstiege committed Dec 9, 2011
    Update language/Greek/strings.xml
  8. Merge pull request #559 from koalahong/master

    mkortstiege committed Dec 9, 2011
    Update Traditional Chinese language file
  9. Merge pull request #560 from dersphere/patch-2

    mkortstiege committed Dec 9, 2011
    Added missing German string 13412
  10. Merge pull request #558 from CutSickAss/patch-3

    mkortstiege committed Dec 9, 2011
    Update language/Greek/strings.xml
  11. Fix the GUISettingsSliderControl dirty regions logic

    CrystalP committed Oct 2, 2011
    - Mark the control dirty on value or attribute changes of the text
    - Correctly mark dirty when gaining/losing focus
Commits on Dec 8, 2011
  1. [fix] - fix writing with nfs when server announces a max write chunks…

    Memphiz committed Dec 8, 2011
    …ize which is bigger then 64k - clamp chunksize to 32k for beeing save (this might not be needed in future versions of libnfs)
Commits on Dec 7, 2011
  1. [fix] - cover the complete resolution switching with fadeto/fromblack…

    Memphiz committed Dec 7, 2011
    … for preventing the unwanted appearance of the desktop during transition of windowed<->fullscreen or fullscreen#1<->fullscreen#2
  2. changed: avoid holding dvdplayer state lock while accessing code that…

    elupus committed Dec 4, 2011
    … might internally lock other sections
  3. fixed: do not show empty artist info dialog on manual lookup - try to…

    mkortstiege committed Dec 7, 2011
    … find artist information instead
  4. [ios] fixes #12262, when dvdplayervideo process thread quits, it is s…

    davilla committed Dec 7, 2011
    …till holding a cvbufref, call m_pVideoCodec->ClearPicture to release it
Commits on Dec 6, 2011
  1. changed: Use CStdString IsInternetStream()-version instead for clarit…

    arnova committed Dec 6, 2011
    …y (like in CFile::Open())
    removed: Stray CStdString definition