See traffic on twitter for mentions of a given term or @handle
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How To Use

Set Up

  1. Get Twitter OAUTH tokens from the Twitter developer site
  2. Create a twitter.yml file and add your credentials like in the twitter_example.yml file
  3. Make sure you have all the required ruby gems installed by running bundle install

Data Output

  1. Run ruby twitter.rb search_term

It is only set up to run for a singular search term, and will print out the daily count for that term

Graph Output

  1. Run bash <search-term> <search-term> ... with as many terms as you want


I built this basic set of files to be able to quickly generate a graphic comparing the number of tweets that included specific terms or companies' handles. I then made it a simple bash script using a ruby script to get tweets from Twitter and an R Script to visualize.


  • Twitter only gives you API access to the last 7 days of tweets. The next step is to make this run daily with a given set of terms.
  • The API or my script is not perfect and often fails to find results. If it is my script and someone fixes it, I would love to know!