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Webpack Auto-Transpilation

By default, Shapeshifter transpiles schematics to a target folder through a manual CLI script. This can be problematic, as the command may incur VCS conflicts, or simply, developers will forget to run the command. To mitigate this issue, an auto-transpilation Webpack plugin can be added to your build/bundle process.

yarn add shapeshifter-webpack --dev
// Or
npm install shapeshifter-webpack --save-dev
const ShapeshifterPlugin = require('shapeshifter-webpack').default;

// Webpack config
plugins: [
  new ShapeshifterPlugin({
    schematicsSource: path.join(__dirname, 'src/schemas'),

This plugin will intercept the import path below and replace the source with the transpiled Shapeshifter output.

import { userSchema } from 'shapeshifter/schematics';

The plugin accepts an object with the following options -- with most of them being based on the options passed to the command line.

  • schematicsSource (string | string[]) - Absolute file system path to schematics source folder. Required.
  • schematicsImportPath (string) - The fake import path to intercept. Defaults to shapeshifter/schematics.
  • defaultNullable
  • defaultOptional
  • disableEslint
  • importPath
  • includeAttributes
  • includeDefinitions
  • includeSchemas
  • indentCharacter
  • inferPropTypesShape
  • renderers
  • stripPropTypes
  • useDefine