Shows the current mood of each team member on one radiator web page
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Mood radiator

Shows the current mood of each team member on one radiator web page. Especially with multi-site teams this aims to bring the whole team mentally a little bit closer despite the geographical distance (which always sucks) between sites.

Mood update contains user's nick, mood index and mood message. It's used for identifying the correct user row. Mood index is a number from 1 to 5 (1 == worst, 5 == best). It is used for showing a background color mapped to the given index. Given mood message is shown on the user's row.

WebSockets are used for pushing mood changes in real-time to all (browser) clients.

Requires a modern browser. Tested using latest Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Enjoy, don't forget to follow me on twitter!


It works! My current team uses already. You should too. I would love to hear your feedback.



Mood radiator uses MongoDB as the database. You need to have it running on your localhost. At startup, Mood radiator automatically creates a database named moodradiator.

Just installing MongoDB for your operating system should be enough. You should not need to do any configuration.


You will also need Node.js and npm. You can install the required Node modules like so:

npm install
npm install express
npm install mongoose
npm install jasmine-node
npm install underscore

I installed these in my home folder under node_modules. Node.js finds them easily there.


Run node mood-radiator.js.

For configuring your team members you only need to:

  • modify bin/ and run it (using IRC nicks in case you want to use IRC bot as the client)
  • add pics to static/img/ of team members using naming convention some-nick.jpg

Additionally you might want to adjust user row height in static/css/app.css:

.user {
  height: 180px;

Registering or updating users

It is possible to

  • Update existing users
  • Register new users


curl -d "nick=test&gravatarUsername=gee" http://localhost:8085/users

Web UI

Open http://localhost:8085/, insert a nickname and optionally Gravatar username and press the button.

Radiator view

  • open http://localhost:8085/?radiator=true (client is hidden)
  • view the page full screen

Posting mood updates

Mood updates can be posted simply by issuing an HTTP POST, so it should be fairly easy to add new clients. Pull requests are very welcome!

IRC bot

There is a Supybot (IRC bot) plugin in clients/irc/supybot called TeamRadar. Please refer to supybot documentation for installation instructions (Supybook, writing supybot plugins). With the bot you can post mood updates using IRC (this is how we use it in my team) e.g. like this:

@mood 5 yay finally got the bloody thing working zOMG!!1

Web UI

Open http://localhost:8085/, select nick and type [index and] message to the text input field. Pattern: index message, e.g. 2 foo bar. If you leave the index out then only the message will be changed.


curl -d "nick=jill&moodIndex=2&moodMessage=having%20a%20bad%20hair%20day" http://localhost:8085/moodUpdate


Scss is used for writing css, so app.scss should be modified instead of app.css. Scss generates css on modification when you start the following command in background:

sass --watch app.scss:app.css


Running the browser tests (server must be started with argument --mode=test):


Running the back-end tests (assumes that you have installed Jasmine-node with the global -g switch):

jasmine-node test/spec