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Spike project for trying out Zombie.js with Jasmine

Finally I had a chance to try out this excellent stack!


First of all, you will need node and npm.

You will need a couple of node.js modules too:

npm install zombie
npm install html5
npm install jasmine-node
npm install express
npm install jade
npm install tav


To run all specs with watchr after each change to some production/test js file:

watchr specs.watchr

To run the zombie acceptance specs


To run the unit specs:

Setup JSTD (once only)

  • Start JSTD server (and leave it open): ./
  • Open http://localhost:8088/ with browser and click "Capture This Browser" and leave the page open. With firefox you can debug while running the tests with firebug!

and then call


There's also a neat way to run all specs:


jQuery.ajax is faked during the unit tests using jasmine-fake-ajax

Launching the application

If you are interested in manually fiddling with the application (not much to see though), you may start the server by calling

cd ./application && node ./foo-twitter-client.js --port=8082



are using port 8003 and are ment to be used by the specs only. This enables keeping the application running in isolation from the specs.


Hope you enjoy, don't forget to follow me on twitter!