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@@ -18,18 +18,33 @@ You will need a couple of node.js modules too:
## Specs
-To run the specs (every 3 seconds)
+To run the zombie acceptance specs (every 3 seconds)
- watch -n 3 ./
+ watch -n 3 ./
+To run the unit specs:
+Setup JSTD (once only)
+* Start JSTD server (and leave it open): `./`
+* Open `http://localhost:8088/` with browser and click "Capture This Browser" and leave the page open. With firefox you can debug while running the tests with firebug!
+and then call
+ ./
+There's also a neat way to run all specs:
+ ./
+jQuery.ajax is faked during the unit tests using [jasmine-fake-ajax](
## Launching the application
If you are interested in manually fiddling with the application (not much to see though), you may start the server by calling
- cd ./application
- node ./foo-twitter-client.js
+ cd ./application && node ./foo-twitter-client.js --port=8082
-which uses port 8002 by default (may be overriden by using --port={port} argument). Scripts
@@ -38,7 +53,6 @@ are using port 8003 and are ment to be used by the specs only. This enables keep
-* Unit tests for unhappy paths and corner cases using [jasmine-node]( and [jasmine-fake-ajax](
* Some more application features
* css using [Less.js](
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