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Notes on various shells, shell commands, and programs used in VFX production.


common tools


Read and print a file to the shell.

Print the contents of file.txt:

cat file.txt

For more info:

man cat


Used to change file permissions. Useful for limiting or sharing access to files.

Set file to execute/read/write access to user only:

chmod 700 /path/to/file

Set file to read/write access to read/write for everyone:

chmod 666 /path/to/file

To change all the directories to 755 (drwxr-xr-x):

find /path/to/file -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \;

To change all the files to 644 (-rw-r--r--):

find /path/to/file -type f -exec chmod 644 {} \;

For more info:

man chmod


Copy a file to a new location or a new name.

Make a copy of an existing file in the same directory:

cp /path/to/file.txt /path/to/newfile.txt

Copy a file to a different directory:

cp /path/to/file.txt /new/path/to/newfile.txt

Copy an entire directory and it's contents to a different directory:

cp -r /path/to/dir /path/to/newdir

For more info:

man cp


Search for files or directories in a filesystem.

Find a file named "":

find /path/to/search/ -name ""

Find a file with a .mov extension modified in last 2 days:

find /path/to/search/ -mtime -2 -name "*.mov"

Load every QT found into a single RV session:

find /path/to/search/ -mtime -2 -name "*.mov" -exec rv {} +

For more info:

man find


File pattern search tool.

Find every line in a file that contains the text "file" in it:

grep 'file' /path/to/file.nk

Find every line in every log file in a directory that contains the text "render" in it:

grep -r 'render' /path/to/files/*.log

Find the path to every file that contains the text "compositing":

grep -rl 'compositing' /path/to/files/*.log

For more info:

man grep


Move files or directories.

Move file to new location:

mv /source/path/file.txt /dest/path/file.txt

Move folder to new location:

mv /source/path/dir /dest/path/dir

Rename a file:

mv /source/path/file.txt /source/path/new_file.txt

For more info:

man mv


Delete files or directories. Be careful, there is not an "undo".

Delete file:

rm /path/to/file.txt

Delete directory and contents:

rm -r /path/to/dir

For more info:

man rm


Copy files from or to a local or remote system. Transfers only the differences in files such as a new file or a change in a file. This is very useful for creating backup systems.

Sync a folder and all files and sub-directories from one location to another:

rsync --recursive /path/to/dir/ /path/to/backup/dir/

A day of work has gone by. Let's sync again but only the new or changed files:

rsync --recursive --ignore-existing /path/to/dir/ /path/to/backup/dir/

Another day has gone by. Let's run a test to see which files would be transferred:

rsync --recursive --ignore-existing --dry-run /path/to/dir/ /path/to/backup/dir/

Transfer files to a remote server:

rsync --recursive --ignore-existing /path/to/dir/ user@remote:/path/to/backup/dir/

For more info:

man rsync


Used for securely logging into remote machines.

Log into remote machine with user "worker":

ssh worker@remote

Use a specific identity key to log into a remote machine:

ssh -i ~/.ssh/remote_key.pem worker@remote

SSH can use a config file to set commonly used configurations. First make the file:

touch ~/.ssh/config

To set our configuration in the file, add this to ~/.ssh/config:

Host remote
	HostName remote
	Port 22
	User pi
	IdentityFile ~/.ssh/remote_key.pem

Now we can login to the remote server with a shorter command:

ssh remote


Used to put data into archive files for security or file transfer.

To compress:

tar -zcvf archive_name.tar.gz folder_to_compress

To extract:

tar -zxvf archive_name.tar.gz


Environment Variables

Setting a basic environment variable:

export TEST_VAR="/some/path"

Running a command to set a variable. In this case, the current directory:

export CURDIR=$(pwd)


alias ls_all='ls -l'


Environment Variables

setenv TEST_VAR "/some/path"


alias ls_all 'ls -l'
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