A DroneScout component: Parse and combine CREC .xml files into JSON
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combine-cr for DroneScout

A series of scripts designed to make compiling a dataset on the congressional record as painless as possible.

Replicate DroneScout's dataset

  1. Modify the scripts' constant values to better suit your purposes
  2. Scrape all dates between 2000 and 2017 (inclusive) using Sunlight Foundation's congressional-record tool (i.e. parsecr date1 date2 date3 ... date6210).
  3. Run combine.py while in the root of the previous tool's output directory. This will merge all the records into a single JSON file, named congressional_record.json.
  4. Run annotate.py on congressional_record.py, which will give you a (larger) annotated_congressional_record.py.

Note: DW-NOMINATE constant space scores are used from the following url: http://k7moa.com/Weekly_Constant_Space_DW-NOMINATE_Scores.htm