Dungeon World GM Tools, including a Hard Move finder, monster finder, and monster builder.
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Dungeon World Tools

Go play with it!

You'll find an easy monster finder, an easy monster maker form, and a move finder.

Starting with Hard Moves & GM Intrusions Part 1: Combat Calamaities, John Lewis at RPG Alchemy wrote a series of articles containing suggestions for creative moves a GM of Dungeon World (or similar tabletop role-playing games) could make in any of a number of different situations. I think it's an extremely useful series of articles, but I wanted it to be even easier for me to find one of those suggestions during actual play, when my brain might have a thousand thoughts vying for attention, and pausing to look through a list of hundreds of moves will kill the flow of the game.

On top of that, I wanted to play Redux, a Flux implementation for use with Facebook's React.js.

THEN I wanted to make some more tools for Dungeon World, so I made a monster finder monster maker tool. Whee!


At some point, I'll have fuller thoughts on Redux here. For now, though, I remain on the fence. I don't naturally think in a "functional programming" way, so Redux feels a bit like obfuscation, or perhaps just a solution in search of a problem. It might be that I will never get its utility building toy apps for role-playing games, but that won't stop me from trying.


  • v2.0 - Bashful Bakunawa
  • v1.0 - Aloof Aboleth