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<h3>All Gone</h3>
I decided to record my guitar by miking an '83 Fender Champ. I
- really liked it in this setting. I used an app called <a
+ really liked it in this setting, aside from the snap, crackle,
+ pop I picked up. I used an app called <a
href="">DoggieBox</a> for the drums. I
- thought the vocals sounded okay, until I played them through my
- laptop speakers instead of with the studio headphones. Ugh.
- Those speakers seem to favor my voice above everything, making
- the slightly-off-tunedness much more noticeable. I need lessons.
- ... Ultimately, I am fairly happy with the song, though. (I recommend you listen via headphones.)
+ still need voice lessons, and I need more practice mixing songs.
+ I'm working on both! Ultimately, I am happy with the song,
+ though.
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