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Noisy output: "QPainter::end: Painter ended with 2 saved states" #92

tonyc opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Not exactly sure what is causing this, but after upgrading to 0.7.5 our test output has become quite a bit noisier. QT is logging the following message multiple times during our test runs:

QPainter::end: Painter ended with 2 saved states


Just noting that I haven't seen this myself. Are you using a custom build of wkhtmltopdf? I usually just use the downloadable binary with QT support compiled in.


We're using QT from Homebrew - so maybe this is more of a QT issue? We're seeing it with 4.7.3 and 4.8.0 from Homebrew. Could also be a wkhtmltopdf thing.

I'll try to whip together a minimal test case to reproduce.

@unixmonkey unixmonkey closed this
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