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Scheduling Plugin for DocPad

Schedules content with a date in the future so that it is not published until that date.


Using Docpad's plugin installer:

docpad install scheduling

Or, the traditional way:

npm install --save docpad-plugin-scheduling


Once installed the default is that scheduling is enabled for all documents with a date in the future. You can override this in your document's meta by setting.

date: '01 Jan 2259 00:00'
scheduled: false

This document will be rendered out even though it's date is in the future.

If your defaultScheduling configuration setting is false below, you can use the same meta keyword to specify that a particular file should be scheduled, i.e.

date: '01 Jan 2259 00:00'
scheduled: true

The document will not be rendered until after midnight on the 1st January 2259.


There are two main configuration options

		# Schedule all documents with a date in the future by default, default: true.
		defaultScheduling: true

		# Schedule files in development environment, default: true.
		devScheduling: true

Automatic scheduling on your deployed server

This plugin is probably of most use when used in combination with DocPad's regenerateEvery setting, allowing you to schedule your content and have it published automatically on the next regeneration after the document's date.


You can discover the history inside the file


This plugin is made "public domain" using the Creative Commons Zero, as such before you publish your plugin you should place your desired license here and within the file.