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Milfont Consulting

Milfont Consulting

Ruby 0 4


forked from iron-io/iron_cache_rails

Rails cache store and session store using IronCache by

Updated October 01, 2013

Ruby 5 0


Direct Jquery Remoting

Updated September 29, 2013

JavaScript 1 0


The best way to insert options into select with jQuery

Updated July 11, 2012

JavaScript 26 12


Create standard JSON from Forms or populate form with json using jQuery

Updated January 10, 2012

JavaScript 10 0


The template markup engine that uses Javascript as an expression language

Updated December 10, 2011

JavaScript 2 208


forked from mhevery/jasmine-node

Integration of Jasmine Spec framework with Node.js

Updated June 08, 2011

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