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###About LilBlog is a client-side only blog. It uses javascript, css, and html. Data is saved to a JSON file. Check out a live demo here.

###Why? Portability: LilBlog will run on most current servers and has no server side dependencies. It will run on budget web hosts without any need to set up a database.

Simplicity: What you see is what you get. There's no difference between the files on your server and the output.

Learning: LilBlog is great for students learning front end web technologies without having to know server side technologies.

Secure: Since none of LilBlog writes to the server on which it runs, it's considerably more secure than most blogging platforms.

###Why not Jekyll/Kirby/etc? Database-free site generators like Jekyll are great for generating sites. The downsides are having to learn a new syntax and requirements. Jekyll needs Ruby, RubyGems, an OS, NodeJS, and Python to run. LilBlog just needs server software like Apache or IIS to run.

###Adding a Post Adding a new post is simple. Just add a new line to the data.json file under posts with the following format:

{"title": "Post title goes here", "date": "Date here", "text": "Post text or html goes here"}

###Warning: HTML in JSON HTML doesn't always play nice in JSON strings. There are a few things that need to be done to prepare HTML to be saved to JSON.

If you have a HTML post that needs to be added, write out your post in HTML. Then use this tool to convert your HTML to a JSON-safe string. The generated output will work in JSON.


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