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Cortex - The psychedelic tunnel-runner


You are a thought. A thought to be born…

Guide your thought through the labyrinth of the brain, avoid hitting the walls and obstacles, nothing should distract you…

A minimalistic-ambient reflex game with a 60 frames per second flow experienceand the atmospheric music of Tamas Katai.

The code is also suitable for learning purposes.


buffers.c - Vertex buffers for different layers of the scene
bus.c - Message bus for inter-module communication
defaults.c - Settings and defaults
excavator.c - Route excavator for scene
file.c - Config file handling
floatbuffer.c - Float collector for opengl vertex buffer
generator.c - Scene generator
levels.c - Level descriptions
main.c - SDL handling, top level event handling
maincube.c - Main cube state
menu.c - Main menu handling
ogl.c - OpenGL functions
particle.c - Particle entity for effects scene.c - Scene handler ui.c - UI handler voxelutil.c - Voxel generator for labels

Tech info

Cortex is a pure C project written in headerless C.
It uses reference-counted memory management ( zc_memory.c ).
It uses modular programming with mediator - implementation groups with different functionality that don't include each other directly, they send messages to each other.
If a module is "static" a global variable is used to store it's state, instancing is meaningless .


find src -type f -name "*.c" > files.txt

emcc -Isrc/cortex -Isrc/zc_core -Isrc/zc_math -Isrc/cortex/gl -I/home/milgra/Downloads/emsdk/upstream/emscripten/system/includer/emscripten.h -DPATH_MAX=255 -DPKG_DATADIR="/" -DCORTEX_VERSION="1.0" -sUSE_SDL=2 -sUSE_SDL_MIXER=2 -sMAX_WEBGL_VERSION=1 $(cat files.txt) -o cortex.html


  • keyboard control in menu
  • rethink scene generation, it's hard to understand currently and flipping is visible on narrow screens