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Fat Fingers Keyboard - No More Typos!

Check it out on youtube

Free and Open Source keyboard for iOS

Fat Fingers Keyboard knows when you mistype and doesn't let the bad character in. It also shows you the bad touch point so you can improve your grip. After a few minutes you will start to type faster than ever.

With the additional symbol row at the bottom and an optional accent ribbon on the top the need for page switching becomes minimal so typing speed becomes even more faster.

To move easily through words and lines just simply swipe left-right-top-bottom.

All keys are freely remappable, accent ribbon can be two pages wide so feel free to add your language's accented characters or create a ribbon with your commonly used symbols or emojis.

Double tap shift to turn on caps mode.

Fat fingers comes totally free, so if you like it please help me make more awesome utilities and donate in the app / on my homepage.

App Store link :

Homepage/Comments :

I created Fat Fingers Keyboard because I have three main problems with soft keyboards :

  1. Software keys detect touches from edge to edge. These edge areas are grey zones, you never know which key you will press, especially with big fingers. I transformed these grey zones into dead zones, no touches will go through here, you will be notified about the problem instead and the nearby keys lit up so you can make a more precise decision. The area of this dead zone can be set in the app.

  2. Continuous page switching. Because of regularly used punctuation you have to switch to the number/symbol page often which slows typing down and just simply annoying. Fat Fingers keyboard has a fix punctuation line under spacebar with the most commonly used punctuation marks and there can be also an accent ribbon on the top of the keyboard activated by the lower right button. In foreign languages it can be useful for their accented characters, in english you can use it for more punctuation marks or smileys or anything.

  3. The force-touch touchpad on the iPhone is a very neat and useful feature but annoying at the same time : after you move the cursor to a specific position and release your force touch the cursor often jumps away one or two characters. FatFingers uses simple swipe to move the cursor and moves the cursor one character with every half-key swipe so it can be controlled precisely.


Fat Fingers Keyboard for iOS - no more typos!







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