Audio Port Keepalive for MacOS
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Mac Audio Keepalive

Mac Audio Keepalive

Optical/HDMI Audio Port Keepalive for MacOS

Do you use HDMI or Optical cable to connect your mac and your amplifier? Do you experience one second silences in high fidelity music, lost words and lost sounds in movies? Well, it's not your nor your hardware's fault - it's an energy saving feature of these audio interfaces. And Mac Audio Keepalive is the solution for you!!!

Mac Audio Keepalive generates an absolutely unhearable tone that prevents your optical audio output to shut down at short silences/musical breaks, so you can enjoy an uninterrupted hi-fi audio stream. Enjoy!

Download the compiled application from my homepage

What's new in version 1.2 :

  • new icon
  • new menu items
  • developer id signed, its a trusted app now