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a bunch of little programs I wrote to make my life on the command line easier and less type-intensitive
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Latest commit 3fe0053 @milianw Add gdb-indexer script
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git-hooks Extend default pattern and don't echo it.
kf5 Build kdebugsettings.
nano add nanorc file
README add a bunch of scripts
bash_aliases Use -h by default, now that it exists.
bash_setup_programming Also set Qt specific paths via add_env.
bashrc export JAVA_HOME, required for CEF support __cxx_global_var_init instead of __static_initialization symbol
clipboard Use clipboard selection. add script to delete broken symlinks. Add script to elevate rights to debugfs/tracefs/perf stuff for non-root
files_to_utf8 add a bunch of scripts
gdb-indexer Add gdb-indexer script add little utility to generate patches from a log file, as used by me…
git-reviewboard-diff add script to generate patches in git-svn repos for reviewboard, than…
git-svn-co make it possible to overwrite the number of commits we fetch
gitchangelog add gitchangelog
gitorious-merge-request properly fetch from origin remote
kde-update break if make install fails Add add_env function Output file and line number in Qt debug messages Add slightly change the output format for qDebug messages. KDE touchpad kcm can handle this. fix license-check when no folder was passed
lsi use shopt nocasglob, awesome :)
makeorninja Exit on error
mp3dump add a bunch of scripts
nanorc Add basic nanorc and custom git_commit highlighter. update my kde release scripts update my kde release scripts update my kde release scripts update my kde release scripts
openeditor add a bunch of scripts
openurl add a bunch of scripts
paste improve paste utility, default to now, reuse clipboard …
profile-kdev add profile script for kdevelop
quassellog use getopts for argument evaluation improve {show,track_memory}.sh
silent add a bunch of scripts Add a filter to system_track_memory and sleep after taking a snapshot Support filtering on busybox Optionally save output file in env-var defined path fix typo
used_kdevelop_duchains add helper to look at (un)used kdevelop cache data/sessions
wait_for_net add helper to wait for network access
xerr support timestamped Xorg.0.log


= Shell Helpers by Milian Wolff =

Here I present to you some - more or less - nifty little applications
I wrote to make my life on the command line easier.

Some of these I use regularly and can't live without, hope some of
these are useful to you as well!

== License ==

All files are licensed under the GPLv3
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