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This repository represents the project titled "Eminem Lyrics Analysis"
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EMIN3M Lyrics Analysis

This repository represents the project titled Eminem Lyrics Analysis


Naturally, I wanted to analyze the lyrics written by Eminem. It was just a curiosity and did not know that I would find such an amazing and awesome information by scrapping the lyrics from a website and then running OpenNLP algorithms to derive the various analytical operations on these lyrics.

The technical step by step guide for this project is as follows.

Programming Language: Java Analytical algorithms: OpenNLP Eminem Lyrics Dataset: created using Raghav Gupta's scrapping tool.

Emphasis is on performing the following analysis.

Analysis 1:

Top 10 most frequent words used by Eminem in lyrics throughout his career

Analysis 2:

Are there any person names that Eminem has used in his lyrics? If so, how many names are present in his lyrics and what are those names.

Analysis 3:

Good/Positive and Bad/Negative words: What is the distribution of positive and negative words in his lyrics? These counts will give more insights into his lyrics and his career as a whole.

Analysis 4:

Sentence Detection: Generally, lyrics are written without proper sentences. We will try to see if there are proper sentences in Eminem's lyrics. If so, we will try to get count of those sentences.

Please get in touch with me at for further questions.

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