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MAFIA reloaded

Mafia is a common game played by people when they are bored and in large groups. Mostly, things are done by choosing a "God" and then closing your eyes when "God" says so. This often leads to semi-open eyes and so on. This is designed to complement the actual game and remove the need for a "God" in the game. I've included the game instructions on the index.html page, but they are only pointers, you're better off searching the internet.

Usage Instructions

You need python3 installed, and an up to date web browser. I use a technology called WebSockets, which is relatively new, thus you need a good browser. There is no other direct dependancy. On separate terminals, invoke the following commands:

$cd (directory of code)
$python3 -m http.server 8888


$cd (directory of code)
$python3 [number_of_players]

After this, you may access the game by navigating to http://(ip_of_pc_where_server_started):8888/ If you do not specify the number of players, the default is 6. The game doesn't start until all of the players have joined and chosen a username for themselves. Also , currently it only works on localhost. I need to make a few changes so that it can be extended to all addresses :P


MAFIA Reloaded - a companion for the game.


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