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A game of rules.

Build and Run Instructions

You need to install stack to work with this.

You need to open AddRule.hs and change the path in getRule.

Then, we can build and run the project.

$ stack build
$ stack exec mao-exe


  • src/MaoLib.hs contains all the functions which make the DSL possible. To add a new function, put it in the appropriate section. In general, a function should evaluate to StateT GameState IO a
  • src/AddRuleLib.hs contains the calls to the hint library and the input mechanism to parse a new rule. If you want to make libraries or modules available to the rule writers, you can add them in the getRule function.
  • src/Examples.hs is a basic example of using this card game description scheme to come up with a game in which cards are distributed randomly amongst four players, and each player plays a card on their turn. Each card has a score, and the player with the score exceeding 52 first wins. There’s a sample rule given in the comments below which models skipping a turn if the score for that player is even.
  • app/Main.hs contains the entrypoint into the program.

Please see src/ for a description of the DSL in more depth. Please see docs/presentation.tex for a description of the actual game, some references and the list of libraries/features used.