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erlkafka is a kafka client written in erlang
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erlkafka is a kafka client written in erlang. 

erlkafka provides seven core functions 

    produce                        %% native kafka produce request
    multi_produce                  %% native kafka multi_produce request
    fetch                          %% native kafka fetch request
    multi_fetch			   %% native kafka multi_fetch request
    offset 			   %% native kafka offset request
    get_list_of_brokers            %% conditional zookeeper dependent list of brokers
    get_list_of_broker_partitions  %% conditional zookeeper dependent list of broker partitions
                                   %% for a topic

erlkafka is available under two different licenses. LGPL or the BSD license.
erlkafka current verion : 0.5.0

It requires ezk ( for auto discovery.

   {enable_kafka_autodiscovery, true} in is the switch to 
   turn auto discovery on.

   if {enable_kafka_autodiscovery, false) then 
         application:start(erlkafka_app)   is sufficient 

   if {enable_kafka_autodiscovery, true) then 
         application:start(erlkafka_app)   is required 


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