Milkcocoa SDK for Arduino & ESP8266.
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Milkcocoa Arduino SDK

Milkcocoa SDK for Arduino with ESP8266(use AT).

Works with Arduino M0 & M0 pro with ESP8266.

To use thie library, you also download and install ESP8266 library (

How To Use

Include libraries(#include <Milkcocoa.h> and #include "ESP8266.h" and #include "Client_ESP8266.h"), and write a code like below.

ESP8266Client wifi;
Milkcocoa milkcocoa = Milkcocoa(&wifi, "", 1883, "milkcocoa_app_id", "mqtt_client_id");

void setup() {
    //"Serial5" Serial port connected to ESP8266.
    wifi.begin(Serial5, 115200);

    //Set ESP8266 as Station mode.
    if (wifi.setOprToStation()) {
        Serial.print("to station ok\r\n");
    } else {
        Serial.print("to station err\r\n");

    //Connect to Wifi AP
    if (wifi.joinAP(WLAN_SSID, WLAN_PASSWORD)) {
        Serial.print("Join AP success\r\n");
        Serial.print("IP: ");
    } else {
        Serial.print("Join AP failure\r\n");

    //Set single mode
    if (wifi.disableMUX()) {
        Serial.print("single ok\r\n");
    } else {
        Serial.print("single err\r\n");

    //"on" API was able to call in setup
    milkcocoa.on("milkcocoa_datastore_name", "push", onpush);

void loop() {
    //milkcocoa.loop must be called in loop()

    DataElement elem = DataElement();
    elem.setValue("name", "Milk");
    elem.setValue("age", 35);
    milkcocoa.push("milkcocoa_datastore_name", elem);


void onpush(DataElement *pelem) {
  // Output:
  // Milk
  // 35

Using API Key

If you use Milkcocoa API Key Authantication, please use createWithApiKey.

Milkcocoa *milkcocoa = Milkcocoa::createWithApiKey(&client, "", 1883, "milkcocoa_app_id", "mqtt_client_id", "API_KEY", "API_SECRET");

Patch for Arduino library 1.7.8

Arduino library version 1.7.8 has memory leak bug at USB driver. To fix this bug, apply following path.

./hardware/arduino/samd/cores/arduino/USB/samd21_device.c : Line 152

for (i = 0; i < sizeof(usb_endpoint_table)/4; i++) {
    (*(uint32_t *)((uint32_t *)(&usb_endpoint_table[0])+i)) = 0;




Copyright (c) 2015 Technical Rockstars.

Copyright (C) 2015 Embedded and Real-Time Systems Laboratory Graduate School of Information Science, Nagoya Univ., JAPAN

  • Milkcocoa.h
  • Milkcocoa.cpp