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;;; core.make
;;; by Milk Miruku
; Drush Make API version
api = 2
; Core version. Aegir doesn't like just projects[] = "drupal" for some reason.
core = 7.x
projects[drupal][type] = core
;;; Theme is set in .info via Profiler library
projects[] = admin_menu
projects[] = devel
projects[] = devel_themer
;;; Profile and .make
projects[profile_base][type] = profile
projects[profile_base][download][type] = git
projects[profile_base][download][url] = profile_git_location
;;; Libraries
; Profiler simplifies Profiles with the .info
libraries[profiler][download][type] = get
libraries[profiler][download][url] =
libraries[profiler][destination] = libraries
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